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Your Holistic Entrepreneurship Specialist

Triss, a specialist in the field of holistic entrepreneurship coaching, embarked on this path driven by a profound desire to empower transformational leaders in their entrepreneurial journey. His mission is to help visionary individuals align their values, aspirations, and ethical principles with their business endeavours, ultimately fostering success and creating positive impacts.

A Wealth of Experience and Knowledge

With a degree in Marketing and eCommerce, as well as a post-graduate degree in Project Management, Triss has not only honed his business acumen but has also gathered a wealth of knowledge and expertise through a successful professional career spanning over 12 years.

His professional journey includes roles in account and project management as well as directorship roles in digital marketing agencies. During this time, he supported numerous businesses in achieving remarkable growth through digital strategies.Triss' commitment to continuous learning and development led him to pursue coaching certifications, including specialised training in Transformational Embodiment Coaching.

This diverse educational background allows him to offer a comprehensive approach to coaching, combining proven business strategies with personal development, transformation, and empowerment.

A Missing Link

Triss specialises in playing the role of an Integrator. An Integrator is like the operational leader who takes the Visionary's ideas and ensures they are executed efficiently, keeping the company running smoothly. Learn more about the important dynamic of the Visionary and the Integrator here.

He possesses a unique blend of skills in digital marketing, financial management, team building, and personal development.

Here To Empower You

In a saturated business coaching industry, Triss stands out by offering a holistic approach that balances practical business expertise with transformational coaching practices.

His commitment to ethical practices, values-driven leadership, and the supportive use of AI sets him apart as an expert who empowers clients to thrive in their entrepreneurial journey while staying true to their core values.

His primarily focus is to assist his clients in overcoming operational and strategic challenges while nurturing their personal growth and well-being.

For You Astrology and Human Design Nerds

Triss' astrology, with a Sun in Sagittarius, Mercury in Sagittarius, and a Mars in Capricorn, along with his Human Design as a Generator, make him uniquely built to be a coach. His optimistic outlook, open-minded communication style, disciplined approach to goals, and ability to deeply engage with clients all contribute to his effectiveness in guiding and empowering others on their entrepreneurial journeys.

Learn more about my astrology here.

Why I Am Qualified To Do This Work

I am uniquely qualified for this work, boasting over 12 years of experience in the business and marketing field. Armed with a Bachelor's degree in Marketing and eCommerce, as well as a Graduate Diploma in Project Management, I possesses both formal education and hands-on experience in digital marketing.

Having served as a Director of Digital Marketing and as the founder of a successful boutique digital marketing agency, I bring a wealth of expertise to the table.

Complementing this background, I hold a certification in Marketing Automation and Lifecycle Marketing and I am currently working towards a certification in Transformational Embodiment Coaching.

This diverse blend of education and professional experience equips me to offer a well-rounded coaching approach that seamlessly combines practical business strategies with personal development and transformation for my clients.

Sustainable Success

As a fundamental value of my coaching practice, I uphold and advocate for sustainable success, guiding my clients towards achieving not only their business goals but also maintaining a lifestyle that is sustainable for their health and well-being.

Ethical Capitalism

Ethical capitalism is a core value, advocating for a business approach where we not only strive for financial success but also prioritise social justice, environmental stewardship, and corporate responsibility, ensuring that our pursuit of profit never comes at the expense of ethical standards and societal welfare.

Integrity-Based Marketing

Triss' commitment to marketing with integrity means engaging in transparent, honest, and respectful communication with our customers, avoiding misleading or manipulative tactics, and ensuring that our marketing practices reflect our dedication to social responsibility, inclusivity, and the genuine value of our services.

What They Say About Triss

Working with Triss has been transformational for my business. As a creative visionary, I struggled with implementing strategic structures, and I couldn't find the right balance between creativity and business strategy. Triss's guidance has empowered me to create a personalised business plan, gain the confidence to expand my team, and streamline my processes for sustainable growth, all while maintaining authenticity and integrity in my work.

Luna Agneya

Founder of The Sensual Arts School

His passion for looking at the data is rubbing off on me and it has opened my eyes to a whole new way of seeing my business.

Cam Fraser

Men's Sex Coach

In every session, he provides great support, insights, and helps me grow.

Pierre Delaunay

Founder of Festina Lente

Thank you, Triss, for your unwavering commitment and the value you bring to this journey.

Sarah Collins

Sex & Intimacy Coach

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Want To Know More About Triss?

Triss is not only a dedicated business coach but also a multifaceted individual with diverse interests that enrich his life and work.

As a sacred sexuality facilitator, he explores the profound connection between spirituality and intimacy.

As an amateur videographer, he captures and shares moments of inspiration and transformation.

His role as an ecstatic dance DJ allows him to guide others on liberating journeys through movement and music.

As a freediver, he delves into the depths of self-discovery, finding tranquility beneath the surface.

His passion for mountain biking ignites his adventurous spirit, while Muay Thai kickboxing channels his discipline and determination.

These varied pursuits not only reflect his love for exploration but also infuse his coaching practice with a unique blend of creativity, resilience, and holistic understanding.

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