Quickie Journal Prompts to Reflect on Your Year

by Triss Tashi  - December 19, 2023

Reflecting on your year as an entrepreneur can be a simple yet powerful exercise. This process will help you distil invaluable insights from both successes and setbacks, fostering strategic growth and informed decision-making for future endeavours.

Grab your journal and set aside some quiet time for this quick three-step process designed to help you get the most out of one journalling session and prepare you for a deeper review process.

  1. Acknowledge Your Achievements: Write down your top three successes this year, no matter the size. Reflect on why these were significant to you.
  2. Learn from Challenges: Jot down the major obstacles you faced and the key lessons learned from each.
  3. Set Intentions: Note down three goals for the upcoming year that align with your core mission.

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Triss Tashi

Triss is a specialist business coach and strategist, dedicated to transforming visionary entrepreneurs into effective leaders through transformational coaching and practical guidance.

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