An "Integrator" is like the glue that holds a company together and helps it run smoothly.

Imagine a company as a big, complex machine with many moving parts. The Visionary is the one who comes up with all the great ideas and plans for the company. But sometimes, these ideas can be all over the place, and the machine might not work well if everyone is just doing their own thing.

That's where the Integrator comes in. They are like the operator of the machine. They take the Visionary's ideas and make sure they get executed properly. They set up the systems and processes, manage the team, and keep everything running smoothly.

The Integrator is like the steady hand that keeps the company on track, so the Visionary can keep coming up with new ideas without the company falling apart. They work together to make the business successful. It's a bit like a dynamic duo, where one person dreams big, and the other person makes those dreams a reality.

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